Integrated Physio Care

India's Fastest Growing Physiotherapy & Chiropractor Services Provider. CB Physiotherapy Clinic & Home Care Service Available In Major Metros of India With Tele-Rehab for any remote Location

360 Degree Physio Care

We are committed to ensuring that our clients have easy access to our physiotherapy services, whether it's at any of our Clinics or through scheduling a convenient Home visit.



High quality physiotherapy care at our CB Physiotherapy Centre near you. Best Treatment for Ortho / Neuro Issues



Home Visits by certified CB Physiotherapists for Patients with mobility issues & for patients looking for convenience



Digital Physio Assistant 'FIZO' for personalized PT exercises at home. Enables affordable & long-term care Mgmt

CB Specialities

CB Physiotherapy, provides treatments across multiple specialities in various cities. Confirm with us the availability of Physiotherapist in your nearby areas.


Whether you need physiotherapy at home or in-clinic treatment, our licensed & highly trained Physiotherapists / Chiropractors ensure that you receive the highest quality care.


With expertise, our Clinics are equipped with latest approved technologies in Spine, Sports & Chiropractic Care to ensure that you get the best care.


We offer physiotherapy treatments across Neuro/ Ortho/ Chiro/ Pediatrics/ Geriatrics/ Sports related issues covering a wide range of conditions & symptoms



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Some frequently asked questions regarding physiotherapy / chiropractor services. For more FAQ's Click here

Integrated Care Focusses on better Outcomes by using a combination of therapies and delivery models that suit you the best for short term relief as well as long term management of your condition. It Starts with an all-around assessment followed by a personalized treatment program consisting of various types of therapies. Our Efforts Continue after the treatment is over as you would be given an exercise prescription/schedule to be followed at home. Video Library and supported mobile app help in adherence to prescribed exercises and reduce the chances of problem recurrence.

CB Physiotherapy Offers treatments in our partner clincs & Physiotherapy at Home Service ( currently in major metros in India). We Also provide Remote / virtual physiotherapy session. VIrtual Physiotherapy Sessions generally asessment of your condition and then an exercise prescription is given for the same. Home Exercises for managemnt of ortho / neuro conditions is enabled by our mobile app.

Yes, If you are located outside India, you can still avial our remote physiotehrapy services. After booking a remote therapy session. Our team wil schedule a remote therapy session over whatsapp/ gooogle meet / zoom meeting. After the session home exercise sessions will be given or if needed the exercise sessions can be done under the guidance of our physio over video calling.