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What is IFT?

IFT which stands for Interferential Therapy is one of the types of electrotherapy used for the management of pain. It is basically used for the treatment of Chronic, Post Traumatic, and Post surgical pains. The basic principle involves the utilization of effects of low frequencies (<250pps) without painful or unpleasant side effects. IT involves the production of Interferential frequency by the interaction of 2 different frequencies.  Major advantage of IFT is that it produces effects in the tissue, exactly where required without unnecessary and uncomfortable skin stimulation.

This technique is widely used for  to elicit the muscle contraction, promote healing and reduce Oedema.

Clinical Applications

IFT works in a special way as it uses an interferential rather than a normal stimulation.The main clinical applications for which IFT appears to be used are:

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Muscle Stimulation - prevent muscle wastage, re-education, maintain range of motion
  3. Increased Local Blood Flow
  4. Reduction of Oedema (Condition involving the excess collection of watery fluid in the cavities or tissues)
  5. Arthritis
  6. Muscle Sprain
  7. Neuralgia

Contraindications of IFT

IFt is a common pain relieving modality without side effects that oral painkillers and anti - inflammatory medications have. Like any other therapeutic modality it also have some limitations like,

  1. Infective condition
  2. Malignancy
  3.  Pacemakers
  4. Danger of Hemorrhage
  5. Large open wounds
  6. Dermatological Conditions
  7. Pregnant Uterus

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