We often tend to ignore our health, especially pain in our joints and muscles due to our fast lives and never-ending work. Joint and muscle pain, might appear to be a minor problem but in reality, if ignored, may lead to some serious problems in future, therefore they require proper attention and treatment. One such solution to these problems is Physical Therapy. While treatments for such aches and pains are available at many physiotherapy clinics, CB Physiotherapy clinic Safdarjung is one of the outstanding physiotherapy clinics. The clinic provides a holistic solution for all the physiotherapy treatments under one roof. It stands out from other clinics for the specialized care facilities that offer patients a fully advanced equipped and world-class Physiotherapy treatment. What makes it unique, is the availability of highly advanced technology, FDA approved modalities for imparting treatment at minimal affordable prices. These hi-end modalities are used by the best, highly experienced, and certified physiotherapists who design an individually oriented regimen for early recovery. The professionals are prominent and have earned a good reputation in the medical fraternity. It is here, in this atmosphere that each patient is carefully eased into normalizing their mobility, and strengthening their limbs as their body recovers. Given below is a brief up about the CB Physiotherapy Clinic Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi.



It has a team of highly skilled and trained physiotherapists, both male and female therapists, who use the most advanced physiotherapy techniques to solve your problem. The therapists use their diverse knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise training to help the patients return to their activities. They combine electrotherapy and manual therapy to help the patient attain mobility and strength.  The therapist first takes the complete health history, and after proper examination, they design high-grade treatment and the frequency of the sessions as per the needs, so that you will once again, be able to enjoy your life, and live healthily.  


Hi-Tech Machines and Advanced Techniques

The clinic provides services designed to aid in the rehabilitation of injuries. Mentioned below are some hi-tech machines with the latest manual therapy techniques provided at the Cb physiotherapy clinic which are a part of advanced physiotherapy.

·         Shockwave Therapy

·         Laser Therapy

·         Ultrasound Therapy

·         TENS Therapy

·         IFT Therapy

·         Short Wave Diathermy

·         Decompression or Traction Therapy

·         Cryotherapy

·         Thermotherapy

·         Manual therapy (Mobilization and Manipulation)

·         Chest Physiotherapy

·         Dry Needling

·         Kinesio-Taping Therapy


Services Offered:

At CB physiotherapy we provide quality physiotherapy services by choosing the right facility to achieve the right physical health goals. Our experts treat the patient with the most care, making sure not to push beyond the limit and also encourage growth and improvement. The facilities cater a wide variety of patients who require different services for a condition related to:

·         Orthopedic rehabilitation

·         Neurological conditions

·         Pediatric rehabilitation

·         Cardiac rehabilitation

·         Sports rehabilitation

·         Geriatric rehabilitation

·         Pre and Post Natal Rehabilitation

·         Vestibular Rehabilitation

·         Pre and post-surgery Rehabilitation

·         Home care rehabilitation



Clinical care is available at affordable prices i.e. it can cost less. The patient in the long run ends up saving money by paying for sessions that are much more efficient.


Patient Safety:

There are no specific risks to patient safety in clinical settings. It is free of infection and maintains hygiene and sanitation etc. Standardized methods for health aides, personal care aides are maintained.


At CB physiotherapy, you are in the hands of qualified and certified physiotherapists. The clinic's credentials, physiotherapist's licenses, and training background ensure that you are getting the best services according to standards set by health authorities.