Our modern lifestyle with all perks and benefits has started showing its adverse results on our body by developing neck & back strain and knee pain on every day basis and many more but this is just not restricted to adults even kids are affected with our modern lifestyle’s Physiotherapy in Bangalore offers excellence in delivering care to patients at their home and nearby clinics.
Some of the very common lifestyle diseases where physiotherapy is playing a wonderful role in managing them are:

  • Back & Neck Pain: Desk Jobs and over use of mobile phones puts a lot of strain on spine especially in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. Physiotherapy helps in recovering from cervical spondylosis, Vertigo, sciatica and other back / neck pain related issues.
  • Obesity: Physiotherapy is an ideally placed profession to provide the physical exercises after assessment for weight management and rehabilitation after bariatric surgeries.
  • Diabetes - Researchers have proved that physiotherapy techniques and exercises help sugar patients to maintain their insulin level.
  • Cardiovascular diseases - In India, mortality burden is caused maximum by ischemic or coronary heart diseases, Stroke and hypertension. Physiotherapists works on patient’s endurance, cardiac output and arterial blood flow by providing aerobic exercises specifically designed according to person’s need. 
  • Stroke Rehabilitation: Physiotherapy has proved to be very beneficial for the stroke patients to over come paralysis and balancing related issues.
  • Cancer: Therapist works on lymph edema management, pain management, individualized strength training and functional management.
  • Post-Surgery Rehab: After surgery, physiotherapy helps in rehabilitation through manual mobility exercises. Or by using some equipment’s like IFT, Ultrasound.

Throughout India, Collaborative Health Practice is flourishing from a very long time where different health care professionals join together to deliver the highest quality of medical care required by a patient and physiotherapists holds a good position in collaborative practice due to wide spectrum of practice. This practice is very commonly seen now days in all multidisciplinary hospitals and health care centers.

Few examples of collaborative practice are as following:

  • A team of orthopedic and physiotherapist in managing musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Neurologist, psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist in managing n neurological conditions.
  • Neonatologist, pediatrician, NICU trained nurses, surgeons and pediatric physiotherapist in NICU set up.
  • Cardiovascular surgeons and physiotherapists in managing cardiovascular conditions.
  • Gynecologists and physiotherapist for providing the best care during and after pregnancy.
  • Awareness in general population regarding physiotherapy is increasing day by day. Across all the metros, we have seen people approaching CB physiotherapy for different ailments.

With more awareness, people are coming to physiotherapists as they want to maintain good health. Some of the areas where physiotherapists assist them are: 

  • Women’s health: Physiotherapists helps during pregnancy phase, post-partum care, breast feeding, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and loss of bladder and bowl control.
    Geriatric health care: They are providing evidence-based therapies to manage or prevent age related problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, frequent falling because of poor balance, urine incontinence.
  • Pediatric care: Pediatric physiotherapists are providing care from NICU till the kids are grown up. Pre terms babies, milestone delay children, cerebral palsy, autism, Club foot and many other pediatric conditions are taken care efficiently.
  • Orthopedic conditions: physiotherapist help in prevention or managing acute or chronic musculoskeletal disorders like neck and back pain, sports injuries, post-surgical management after fractures, TKR, etc.
  • Neurological Conditions: Patients with severe brain or spinal cords damage are seeing major change after following up with physiotherapy exercises. Physiotherapists are able to improve quality of life in patients who are suffering from stroke, Parkinson’s disease and many other neurological conditions.
  • Sports management: Sports physiotherapists are in high demand as they help in prevention, diagnosing and treating sports injuries on field.

Home Healthcare is also very relevant for physiotherapy. Almost all the home healthcare companies offer physiotherapy services at home as well. But most of the home physiotherapy service is provided by local individual / collaborative practices mentioned earlier. 

At CB Physiotherapy we are delivering best physiotherapy in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai , Ahmedabad and will be expanding to other areas soon. We provide thoroughly vetted Physical Therapy experts & Chiropractors across all of Bangalore.