Physiotherapy at home / Homecare physiotherapy

Physiotherapy at home service may be an option even though people don’t know about it. Home physiotherapy occurs when a physiotherapist comes to your home to render the rehabilitation services. This may include manual therapy or use of equipment like IFT, Ultrasound may be used as well. The portable equipment is carried by a physiotherapist to provide treatment as per the patient’s requirement. Most of people think that Home physiotherapy is only for those individuals who cannot get out of bed. The actual reality is that home physiotherapy can help people in different situations such as those who are:

•                     Having acute or severe conditions and leaving home could cause their health to worsen.

•                     The functional mobility of the patient is limited and cannot travel to see a physiotherapist.

•                     Lack of transportation or access to transportation.

•                     Suffering from Vertigo.

•                     Aged Patient.

Though, a person who simply desires a private physiotherapy session can also avail the facility of home physiotherapy.

Generally, Home care physiotherapy treatment is required /preferred for the following conditions:

·       Post Stroke Treatment (paralysis)

·       Post-Surgery Rehab (Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement etc.)

·       Severe Joint Pain

·       Knee Arthritis

·      Spinal injuries

·       Post spine surgery par

·       Neurological disorders (Parkinson’s, Cerebral palsy)

·       Balancing related issue

 Benefits of availing physiotherapy at home:

  • A physiotherapist will visit your home for the treatment thus you don’t have to leave your comfort zone.
  • Home physiotherapy helps you to recover in Comfortable and Familiar Surroundings. For regular physiotherapy requirements, it is advisable to choose a physiotherapist near your location (Search physiotherapist near me in google to get the list)
  •  If you are advised by your Doctor to avoid travel then home physiotherapy is the best option for you.
  • A physiotherapist can teach some normal exercises to one of your family members so that they can also help you to do certain exercises.
  • Time management- A lot of time can be saved by opting for physiotherapy at home. Also, time plays an important role in treating conditions like acute pain and stress. Thus, treatment at home helps a lot.
  • Supervision- Availing for physiotherapy treatment at home helps the patient and his/her family to keep track of the treatment process and to ensure that the patient is getting proper physiotherapy care or not.

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