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At CB Physiotherapy - Hyderabad, We take holistic approach to care and ensure convenience of accessing Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) as a part of Integrated Physio Care. Know From our Experts How Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) can benefit you and how it fits into overall Treatment Program



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At CB Physiotherapy , Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) will be integrated with other therapies from multiple specialities to make a treatment program personalized for you & aimed to give the best results possible

Thermotherapy(heat Therapy)

Thermotherapy involves the application of Heat. The most common heating agent used in rehabilitation is a hot pack. Hot packs transfer their heat energy to the body by conduction. Superficial heat usually produces temperature elevation in the underlying tissues to a depth of up to 1cm. Adipose tissue acts as an insulating layer, which decreases the depth of heat. Commercial hot packs are canvas, usually filled with a hydrophilic substance, that is immersed in 1700F (770C), water in a thermostatically controlled heater. The packs can retain heat up to 30 minutes. With superficial heat, local metabolism is increased and local vasodilatation with hyperemia occurs. Initial vasoconstriction is produced in deep tissue layers, followed by vasodilatation. Hot packs also promote muscle relaxation a...

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With expertise, our Clinics provide the best environment & required equipments for getting Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) in Hyderabad

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Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) can be used for treatment of multiple conditions. Get in touch with our Expert to know if it can be beneficial for you.


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Maitraiyee P

Best physiotherpist.

Maitraiyee P

Best physiotherpist.

Kunal Verma

I had a pain in my neck because of the Sedentary lifestyle. I work on the desktop for 7-8 hours in a day because of which I got the wrong body posture. So I joined CB Physiotherapy and attended a few sessions w...

Ritika Saklani

Dr. Iqra helped me a great deal In dealing with my pain. She is very compassionate.I came for my back pain and got so much relief. I am highly thankful to her. Must recommended

neetu singh

I had a very satisfactory experience with Dr Deepanshu Khatri. The physiotherapy helped me in reducing back pain to a great extent. My sincere thanks to him for his efforts.


Some frequently asked questions regarding physiotherapy / chiropractor services. For more FAQ's Click here

Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) is used to treat various conditions like Frozen Shoulder, Achilles Tendon Rupture, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (cts), Arthritis, Ankle Sprain, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Baastrup Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Cervical Myelopathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendinitis, Hamstring Strain, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Biceps Tendonitis, Quadriceps Muscle Strain, Ankle Fracture, Ankle Instability, Knee Osteoarthritis. For the same conditions, there are many other therapies/modalities that can be useful. It is best to let your physiotherapist know about your case and then he/she will help you in deciding the best therapy/therapies suited for your condition

At CB Physiotherapy, we have the best experts and equipment to give Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) in Hyderabad. In most of our clinics in Hyderabad, you can get Thermotherapy(heat Therapy). But it is best to contact us before visiting a clinic. Also, our expert can guide you in selecting the most appropriate therapy for your concerns.

CB Physiotherapy has a presence across Hyderabad? Chances are that we will have a Center / Physiotherapist for Home Visits available near your locality. To confirm your booking for Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) in CB Physiotherapy Center Nearby or to get Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) at home, You can connect with us over call and schedule an appointment

Physiotherapy Modalities including Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) are generally without any side effects but there are some contraindications that should be considered before taking Thermotherapy(heat Therapy). You can know more about the Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) and other related therapies at

We at Physiotherapy don't charge on the basis of each therapy. Charges are per Session. Normally physiotherapy consists of 2-3 therapies being given in one session. You can find our changes on our Hyderabad city page. For more information on charges for Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) or any other therapy, you can connect with us over call / WhatsApp