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At CB Physiotherapy - Ghaziabad, We take holistic approach to care and ensure convenience of accessing Overhead Track Harness Therapy as a part of Integrated Physio Care. Know From our Experts How Overhead Track Harness Therapy can benefit you and how it fits into overall Treatment Program



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At CB Physiotherapy , Overhead Track Harness Therapy will be integrated with other therapies from multiple specialities to make a treatment program personalized for you & aimed to give the best results possible

Overhead Track Harness Therapy

Overhead Track Harness Therapy is a form of Physical therapy that utilizes a ceiling-mounted track system and a harness to assist individuals in performing various exercises and activities. The overhead track allows for controlled movement along a predetermined path, while the harness provides support and safety to the individual undergoing therapy. This approach is commonly used in rehabilitation settings to help patients regain strength, mobility, and balance, particularly those with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions. The therapist can adjust the tension and height of the harness to customize the therapy session according to the patient's needs and progression. Overhead Track Harness Therapy can enhance independence, promote proper movement patterns, and reduce the risk of falls...

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Overhead Track Harness Therapy can be used for treatment of multiple conditions. Get in touch with our Expert to know if it can be beneficial for you.


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I had been struggling with neck pain for months until I found CB Physiotherapy. The team here is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. After just a few sessions, I felt significant relief. Highly recommend their...

Satya prakash Bharati

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Gagandeep Kaur

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Radhika Jhavar

Excellent physiotherapist! Dr. Rupali Pathania delivered personalized treatment that greatly improved my condition. Professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Highly recommended!

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Overhead Track Harness Therapy is used to treat various conditions like Parkinson's Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease, Stroke Or Cerebrovascular Accident (cva), Total Knee Replacement(tkr), Total Hip Replacement (thr), Hip Fracture, Medial Collateral Ligament (mcl) Injury, Lateral Collateral Ligament(lcl) Injury, Knee Fracture, Ankle Fracture, Ankle Syndesmosis Ligament Injury, Multiple Sclerosis. For the same conditions, there are many other therapies/modalities that can be useful. It is best to let your physiotherapist know about your case and then he/she will help you in deciding the best therapy/therapies suited for your condition

At CB Physiotherapy, we have the best experts and equipment to give Overhead Track Harness Therapy in Ghaziabad. In most of our clinics in Ghaziabad, you can get Overhead Track Harness Therapy. But it is best to contact us before visiting a clinic. Also, our expert can guide you in selecting the most appropriate therapy for your concerns.

CB Physiotherapy has a presence across Ghaziabad? Chances are that we will have a Center / Physiotherapist for Home Visits available near your locality. To confirm your booking for Overhead Track Harness Therapy in CB Physiotherapy Center Nearby or to get Overhead Track Harness Therapy at home, You can connect with us over call and schedule an appointment

Physiotherapy Modalities including Overhead Track Harness Therapy are generally without any side effects but there are some contraindications that should be considered before taking Overhead Track Harness Therapy. You can know more about the Overhead Track Harness Therapy and other related therapies at https://cbphysiotherapy.in/therapies-offered

We at Physiotherapy don't charge on the basis of each therapy. Charges are per Session. Normally physiotherapy consists of 2-3 therapies being given in one session. You can find our changes on our Ghaziabad city page. For more information on charges for Overhead Track Harness Therapy or any other therapy, you can connect with us over call / WhatsApp