Taking Physiotherapy at home service is quite common these days when you are looking for physiotherapy treatment. It is particularly beneficial to avail of such a service when the patient is bedridden and going to a clinic nearby is not possible. A physiotherapist can come to the patient's home for assessment/diagnosis as well as for treatment which may consist of daily sessions. Even if a patient can visit a physiotherapy clinic, home physiotherapy can be opted for by patients for their convenience and in many cases, it can be a better alternative than visiting the clinic.

Following are some cases for which you should be preferring physiotherapy at home service.

Bed-Ridden Patients: In this case, it is a no-brainer, and physiotherapy at home is the only choice. The only thing you can do is try to find the best physiotherapist near your location who has expertise in treating the relevant condition.

Chronic Condition:  For chronic conditions requiring long time treatment, it is advisable to avail of home care physiotherapy. Normally it is important to not miss physiotherapy sessions and daily visits from a physio can ensure that your treatment is going on schedule.

Elderly patients:  Elderly patients usually require someone to take them to the clinic. If it is a one-time treatment you can visit a clinic but for multiple sessions, it is better to have a physiotherapist visit your home for treatment.

Scheduling problems: If you have a hectic schedule, in that case, home physiotherapy can be planned as per your schedule. Not only will this save you travel time but also avoid wait times at the clinic.

Neurological Conditions: Your Home presents a comfortable setting for the treatment of neurological conditions like stroke. Other than the patient family members also get educated about the exercises which can be helpful in the overall treatment

Post-Surgery / Post-Injury Rehab: If you or your loved ones are recovering from a surgery/injury, travel can be a hindrance in the healing process. Home physiotherapy is a comfortable way to speed up your rehab process.

Once you have decided to opt for physiotherapy at home, make sure that you are selecting the right physiotherapist for the treatment. You can check some tips on how to choose a physiotherapist here.

Other than that, make sure that the modalities given to you and devices used by a physio are all medically approved.

CB Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy at home across all major cities in India.