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Shoulder Arthropathy

Shoulder arthritis is damage to the cartilage inside the shoulder joint, it has two joints. Shoulder arthritis usually refers to the bigger ball-and-socket joint named the glenohumeral joint as it connects the glenoid and humerus. The cartilage covers both the ball i.e the humeral head and the socket i.e. the glenoid.When the cartilage in the shoulder begins to break down on the surface and also in the deeper layers, it’s called shoulder arthritis. The other joint in the shoulder, the acromioclavicular or AC joint, can also develop arthritis. STAGES OF SHOULDER ARTHROPATHYShoulder arthritis typically develops in stages. The cartilage becomes soft then it develops cracks in the surface. Begins to fibrillate i.e.deteriorate and flake. Then wears away to expose the surface of the...

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Our Shoulder Arthropathy Specialists are licensed & highly trained Experts. We ensure that you receive the highest quality care for Shoulder Arthropathy in Jammu And Kashmir

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With expert Shoulder Arthropathy Specialists, Our Clinics are equipped with latest approved technologies in healing & rehab to ensure that you get the best Shoulder Arthropathy Treatments in Jammu And Kashmir

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Other than Shoulder Arthropathy, At CB Physiotherapy get the best treatment in Jammu And Kashmir , for other related conditions


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Maitraiyee P

Best physiotherpist.

Maitraiyee P

Best physiotherpist.

Kunal Verma

I had a pain in my neck because of the Sedentary lifestyle. I work on the desktop for 7-8 hours in a day because of which I got the wrong body posture. So I joined CB Physiotherapy and attended a few sessions w...

Ritika Saklani

Dr. Iqra helped me a great deal In dealing with my pain. She is very compassionate.I came for my back pain and got so much relief. I am highly thankful to her. Must recommended

neetu singh

I had a very satisfactory experience with Dr Deepanshu Khatri. The physiotherapy helped me in reducing back pain to a great extent. My sincere thanks to him for his efforts.


Some frequently asked questions regarding physiotherapy / chiropractor services. For more FAQ's Click here

Physiotherapy is very effective in the treatment/Management of Shoulder Arthropathy as well as other symptoms related to ortho/neuro issues. Depending on the root cause of your Shoulder Arthropathy, a treatment program is made that consists of multiple therapies/modalities. After the treatment is over and you see significant improvement in Shoulder Arthropathy, our therapists may suggest some generic lifestyle adjustments as well as give some daily exercises that need to be adhered to. This is to ensure that Shoulder Arthropathydoesnt occur regularly.

At CB Physiotherapy, Our Physiotherapy Presence is across the Jammu And Kashmir offering treatments in our centers as well as in-home care settings. You can connect with us to discuss your case and we will find the best fit for the treatment of your Shoulder Arthropathy in Jammu And Kashmir,

Most of our centers/clinics in Jammu And Kashmir are suited for the treatment of Shoulder Arthropathy. You can check information about our clinics near you on the website or connect with us to discuss your case and we will guide you to the best clinic near you in Jammu And Kashmir that is a perfect fit for Shoulder Arthropathy treatment

Physiotherapy Modalities for Shoulder Arthropathy as well as for other conditions are generally without any side effects but there are some contraindications that should be considered before taking certain therapies. You can know more about the physiotherapy modalities that are suitable for your conditions at

Physiotherapy is not a one-pill solution. It generally takes multiple sessions to be taken at regular intervals. Our Experts Would assess Shoulder Arthropathy and suggest a treatment program based on the severity of your Shoulder Arthropathy.