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Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. The disease affects the skin, nerves, and mucous membranes, causing disfiguring and disabling deformities if left untreated. Although there is no cure for leprosy, it can be managed through a combination of medications, wound care, and rehabilitation.

Exercise can be an important part of the rehabilitation process for people with leprosy. The disease can cause nerve damage and muscle weakness, which can lead to loss of function in the limbs. Regular exercise can help to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as boost overall physical fitness and mental well-being.

1.Eyebrow Raising

Raise your eyebrows.
Relax and repeat.

2.Eye Squeeze

Tighten your eyes shut firmly and then release. Repeat.

3.Wrist Extension

Place both hands and arms flat on the table.
Make sure that your elbows are on the table.
A tip: It helps if you perform this exercise with both hands.
Look at the unaffected hand and raise both hands as far as possible off the table, keeping the forearms on the table.
Lower your hands back down to the table and repeat this movement.
Take the affected palm in the other hand and lift your hand of the table.
Mentally perform the exercise without support of the unaffected hand!
Note: Don't grasp your fingers to pull back as this can damage your muscles.

4.Ankle Circles

In a seated position, bend your knee, and place your ankle on your thigh.
Use your hand to hold the forefoot, and start gentle circles in once direction.
If the pain allows you to do so, gradually increase the size of the circle.
Repeat in the opposite direction, gradually increasing the amplitude as the pain allows.
Unfold your legs to bring your foot back down to the floor.

5.Finger Flexion

Start in a seated position.
Place your affected arm on a table, with your hand on its side, palm facing in.

Ensure your wrist is straight and your fingers are relaxed.
Use your opposite hand to fully bend your affected finger.
Make sure all three joints of your finger are bent.
Hold this position in a stretch before relaxing the finger.

Exercises Help But Always Better To Consult A Doctor / Physiotherapist Before Starting Exercise Pogram.

By incorporating these exercises into your daily routine, along with maintaining good posture and being mindful of your movements, you can help alleviate pain and improve your overall condition. Remember to always consult with a physiotherapist before starting any new exercise regimen, particularly if you have a specific injury or condition.

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