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Laminectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing part of the lamina, which is a bony structure that forms the back of the spinal canal, to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. While exercise is generally recommended as part of a rehabilitation program after laminectomy surgery, the specific exercises recommended may depend on a variety of factors, such as the location and extent of the surgery and the patient's overall health and fitness level.

1.Prone Press Up

The prone press-up exercise promotes mobility of your lower back and counter-balances the effects of sitting and being in a forward flexed position for most of the day.
Start by lying on your stomach with your hands next to your shoulders.
Gently push yourself up with your arms and lift your head and chest upwards, keeping your hips and legs on the floor and hold this position for the required duration then relax.
Do not do this exercise if it hurts your back, or if you feel any pain going into your buttocks or your legs.

2.Neurodynamics' Sciatic Nerve, Supine

Lie on your back.
Bend your affected leg in towards you until you can clasp your hands together behind your thigh.
Hold this position with your leg supported in your arms and slowly straighten out your knee until you reach the point of tension.
Do not push further past this point.
Lower your foot slightly and lift your head to your chest and then relax your head back as you raise your foot again. Perform this exercise in one fluid movement.
Relax and repeat.

3.Pelvic Tilting

Lie on your back with your legs resting on a stability ball.
Flatten the small of your back against the floor, tucking your tail bone underneath you.
Relax back to the starting position before gently arching your lower back and tilting your pelvis in the opposite direction.
Return back to the starting position and repeat this sequence.
It should feel like your pelvis is rocking forwards and backwards in a smooth motion.

4.Hip Hike

Start in a seated position, and use your hands to move your buttocks towards the edge of the chair.
Without using your hands, lift one hip off the edge of the chair, leaning your body to one side slightly to help to hitch the hip.
Slowly lower this side down and repeat with the other side.
Continue this movement.

5.Prone Straight Leg Lift

Lie on your front with your legs straight.
Place a pillow under your chest and hips to support your belly.
Keeping your leg straight, slowly raise one leg off the floor.
Only go as far as you can without shifting your weight through your hips and trunk.
Hold briefly and then lower your leg and repeat on the opposite leg.

Exercises Help But Always Better To Consult A Doctor / Physiotherapist Before Starting Exercise Pogram.

By incorporating these exercises into your daily routine, along with maintaining good posture and being mindful of your movements, you can help alleviate pain and improve your overall condition. Remember to always consult with a physiotherapist before starting any new exercise regimen, particularly if you have a specific injury or condition.

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