Top 5 Exercises For Autis...



Exercise can be beneficial for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in several ways, including improving physical health, reducing anxiety and stress, increasing socialization opportunities, and improving overall well-being.

1.Balance, Standing, Throwing/catching Ball

Stand up straight with the wobble cushion in front of you.
Hold onto a strong support surface if required.
Step onto the cushion.
Gain your balance.
Once you have got your balance, try throwing a ball into the air and catching it again.
You could also throw and catch with a partner.


Throw a beanbag into a square.
Hop over the beanbag to the end of the grid, turn around and pick up the beanbag on your way back.
Remember, one foot in the single squares and two feet on the double squares.

3.Ball And Hoops

Holding a tennis ball, jump into the first hoop and bounce a tennis ball once.
Jump into the second hoop and bounce the tennis ball twice.
Jump into the third hoop and bounce the tennis ball three times.
Gradually add more hoops and continue with the sequence.

Progression: Complete the sequence above with the other hand.

4.Imitating Positions

Look carefully as someone demonstrates some body positions.
Try to copy them.
Include body positions that involve crossing the midline of the body, e.g., hand to opposite knee.

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