Are you someone who wants to lose weight to live a healthy life, then to achieve this you need to start exercising. We all know that incorporating exercise into our routines helps us lose weight and improve our cardiovascular health. But unfortunately, due to our busy schedules, we don't get enough time for exercising, thus reaching the desired weight becomes a challenge. However, now people all over the world have realized that it is important to exercise instead of laying on a couch or watching a movie. So, in this blog, we have mentioned a few fat-burning exercises to help you feel stronger, healthier, and happier.

Start exercising for a few minutes per day, slowly increasing the time and intensity, but be sure that the heart rate should always be stable. Many of the exercises would be easier but should be performed under the guidance of a Physical Therapist. These exercises have a stronger effect on preventing weight gain and maintaining weight loss.

Squat works for all the muscles in the lower body including the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It also strengthens the core as deep abdominal muscles and back are also required to perform squats correctly.

  • Bring the arms together for praying.
  • Sit in a squat position by bending the pelvis same as trying to sit on a chair.
  • Do 30 seconds of squats for 10 minutes.

Push-up works well for upper body exercises because it engages the chest to the back, the arms, and even the abs. The shoulders should line up with the wrists and tuck the elbows towards the sides. Try to get the chest and hips close to the floor as possible without touching them.

  • Use an anti-slip floor with good shoes.
  • Touch the floor with bare hands in plank position and stay at the tip of the toes.
  • Move up and down or towards the floor and then towards the ceiling.
  • Repeat a few times.
The bridge or a hip raise or extension strengthens the glutes and hamstrings, and also works on the abdominals, back, and inner thighs.

  • Lie on the mat.
  • Elevate the pelvis to create an ideal bridge between the torso and head.
  • Repeat this exercise multiple times.
This exercise offers a unique development to the largest muscles of the legs, the glutes, and the quads. Make sure to wear the right shoes that provide enough friction to the ground.

  • The feet should be placed together and the arms resting by the sides.
  • Step forward with the right foot and lower the body until the front knee is at 90 degrees and the knee is not touching the floor.
  • Then, push off of the front right foot while straightening the left leg keep the right foot off of the floor, and balance with the right thigh parallel to the hip.

Spinal Balance:
Spinal balance is a great exercise for weight loss.

  • Come into a tabletop position on the palms and knees, making sure that the head and neck are a natural extension of the spine.
  • Extend the right arm out directly in front of the shoulder, with the palm facing in slowly extend the left leg back behind with the heel lifted and the leg in alignment with the hips.
  • Complete the exercise by bringing the right elbow in to touch the left knee while rounding up through the spine and tucking the chin into the chest.
  • Return to the starting position with a straight-arm and leg position.

Frog Jumps:
This exercise adds power to the lower body and increases the heart rate for cardiovascular benefit.

  • Start in an athletic squat position.
  • Swing the arms back behind the hips, push off of the heels and jump forward to land, and immediately.
  • Sink the back down into a squatting position and jump again.
The pull-up is one of the most challenging body-weight exercises. It works the muscles in the back, chest, shoulders, and arms like a few others. In case a standard pull-up is difficult, assisted pullup or complete kipping motion can be done to build up the strength necessary to complete this exercise without momentum. Pullups are one of the most effective weight loss exercises. It helps to lose weight and burn calories by developing all the muscles of the arms, and legs. The great strength of the upper and lower abdominal muscles is responsible to keep the workout pace and energy elevated during the day

  • Place the arms in the right position over a stable object that hangs on the wall.
  • Then try to elevate the body over the arms level multiple times.
Donkey Kicks:
This exercise is the same as the way donkeys react to any external stimulus, but these are good weight loss practices for people that need to keep fit. There is no need for extra equipment and can be performed anywhere.

  • Step on a soft mat and bend the knees.
  • Then start to quickly stretch the leg to the rear.
  • Stay at a maximum stretch for more time.
  • Repeat the same a few times.
Bench Dips:
This exercise is a great calorie burner from day one and keeps the energy levels up with this exercise if you combine it with the best diet.

  • A stable bench or sofa is required for this exercise.
  • Start dipping down using the arms to support the body weight.
Jumping Rope:
This exercise remains a workout usually from childhood. More strength for the core muscles and also develop the shoulders and feet. This high-intensity exercise of fitness may give you the chance to lose more weight.

  • While doing the exercise make sure to have the right floor to jump on and wear the best shoes to protect the legs and feet.
These exercises are ideal for any person, no matter their age or health condition. These exercises enhance health levels and keep the body remain fit for daily activities.