Best Sports Massage Therapists in Delhi

Looking for a reliable and experienced Sports Massage Therapist near me in Delhi? Find List of Top Sports Massage treatment doctors in Delhi by CB Physiotherapy. Select Your locality, Check costs , availabity & book Appointment with CB Sports Massage Therapists Near You.

Why CB Sports Massage in Delhi

At CB Physiotherapy, Delhi, We take holistic approach to care and ensure convenience of accessing Sports Massage Therapist service in Delhi from Consultation to Treatment to Post Treatment care



High quality physiotherapy care at our CB Physiotherapy Centre near you. Best Treatment for Ortho / Neuro Issues



Home Visits by certified CB Physiotherapists for Patients with mobility issues & for patients looking for convenience



Digital Physio Assistant 'FIZO' for personalized PT exercises at home. Enables affordable & long-term care Mgmt

What is a Sports Massage Therapist?

At CB Physiotherapy we focus on deep domain knowledge of Sports Massage & Our Sports Massage Therapists in Delhi make sure to provide patient education for the same

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a treatment that involves the application of pressure on the body for corrective or rehabilitative purposes applied by the hands, fingers, elbow, knees, forearm, feet, or mechanical aids. 

Treatment @CB Near You

At CB Physiotherapy Delhi, we use "Integrated Physio Care" approach covering treatments for a wide range of health Conditions & Symptoms

Sports Massage Therapist Costs in Delhi

At CB Physiotherapy, Delhi, we have transparent prices for our expert sessions at all clinics. Check Cost of CB Sports Massage Therapist before booking Appointments

Service - Visit Price
home-care-physiotherapy ₹600.00 To ₹800.00
chiropractor-treatment 2000.00
therapeutic-massage 800.00
clinical-physiotherapy 700.00


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Our Patient centric approach to Physiotherapy services is duly validated by reviews from patients across clinic care / home care / digital rehab settings

Sunder Paul

I searched this physio centre on google and I was not very sure to continue after first session as I had knee pain and stiffness in my right knee … but Dr Amisha assure me that my knee problem we’ll be well tre...

Raj Sidhu

I had neck pain and headache from last 10 days. Dr Amisha helped me with that and now I'm feeling much better. Thankyou so much. Definitely recommend her services.

Arun Kumar

One of the best physiotherapy centre in South Delhi. Few days ago i visited this centre with back pain and stiffness in neck. Dr. Anjali listened my problem and designed effective therapy for me and after 10 se...

Sharvini Maurya

I visited CB Physiotherapy with stiff neck and shoulder pain. I was assigned to Dr. Amisha. She understood my pain level and also discovered many other pain points and worked on it. We discussed many small smal...

Ravindra Raina

I recently visited CB Physiotherapy Clinic for a sports injury (Hamstring), and while I appreciate the staff's efforts to help me recover, I found the overall experience to be average. The physiotherapist was k...


Some frequently asked questions regarding physiotherapy / chiropractor services. For more FAQ's Click here

Sports Massage Therapist is a medical Experts who helps in treatment / manageent of Pain & Mobility Related Issues .At CB Physiotherapy, Our Focus is on Integrated Care where we use multiple therapies & care delivery modes to develop a personalized treatment / exercise program for you which is expected to give the best outcome for your Condition. It Starts with an all-around assessment followed by a personalized treatment program consisting of various types of therapies. Our Efforts Continue after the treatment is over as you would be given an exercise prescription/schedule to be followed at home. Video Library and supported mobile app help in adherence to prescribed exercises and reduce the chances of problem recurrence.

Best Sports Massage Therapist for you is one who is an expert in treatment that you need and has established credentials for the same.Other than checking for the Expert's education/qualification make sure that he/she has relevant experience in treating patients with similar issues. Also, a nearby Sports Massage Therapist in Delhi? should be preferred. CB Physiotherapy has some of the Best Sports Massage Therapist Experts in Delhi. You can check information about CB Physiotherapy Sports Massage Therapist on our page. Simply Select your nearest locality in Delhi and find our experts. You can also connect with us over a call and we will match you with the best Sports Massage Therapist for your condition.

Sports Massage Therapist Session charges are not unifrom across the centers / experts in a Delhi. Different Centers & Experts will have different charges. Our Advanced Centers with advanced modalities and other 5-star services will have different charges. Similarly, Experts with high experience and specialized physiotherapists cost more for home service. But Overall, we have very transparent pricing and you can check the same on our website before booking an appointment. Sports Massage Therapist session is roughly around 30-45 minutes. In some cases patient might have multiple issues and might need treatment for longer durations. But longer sessions can be quite fatiguing to the patient thereby reducing eficiency. In such case it is best to have multiple sessions in a day and each session should ideally not exceed 1hour.

Sports Massage Therapist is used for the treatment or management of many Ortho/Neuro conditions. Some of the conditions where Sports Massage Therapist can be helpful are listed above. Also before deciding on Sports Massage Therapist in Delhi, you need to make sure about certain contraindications. You can check our conditions page to know what specialty of physiotherapy will be most beneficial for you. The best is to discuss your case with our expert and get the most beneficial treatment plan with the best possible outcome for your condition.

You can visit a Sports Massage Therapist if you have any concern with Pain ( Typically Back / Neck/ Knee etc ) or Mobility ( Reduced Flexibility / Low Range of Motion etc ) . Also SInce Sports Massage is medicine free treatment with no side efects , Sports Massage Therapist should be your First option for seeking treatment / consultation. You dont need a Doctor's prescription for the same. After proper assesment ,if a Sports Massage Therapist feels that your condition needs interention by a doctor ( ortho/ neuro / other ), he / she would refer you to the right specialisit.