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Integrated Physio Care, Maidangarhi

At CB Physiotherapy, Maidangarhi, We take holistic approach to care and ensure convenience of accessing Physiotherapist service in Maidangarhi, Delhi from Consultation to Treatment to Post-treatment care



High quality physiotherapy care at our CB Physiotherapy Centre near you. Best Treatment for Ortho / Neuro Issues



Home Visits by certified CB Physiotherapists for Patients with mobility issues & for patients looking for convenience



Digital Physio Assistant 'FIZO' for personalized PT exercises at home. Enables affordable & long-term care Mgmt

CB Physiotherapist in Maidangarhi

CB Physiotherapy, Maidangarhi provides treatments across multiple specialities. Confirm with us the availability of Physiotherapist in Maidangarhi, Delhi or in your nearby areas.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a healthcare profession that includes evaluating, assessing, and treating individuals with limitations in functionality. Physical therapy services are provided by professionals who are licensed by the state in which they work. These professionals are trained to assess the condition and help regain maximal functional mobility and independence. They use a variety of treatment modalities and techniques to help the patient move better and feel better.

CB Physiotherapist Experts

Our licensed & highly trained Experts ensure that you receive the highest quality care in Maidangarhi, Delhi . Each of our Expert is thoroughly Vetted by CB Physiotherapy

Treatments @CB Maidangarhi

At CB Physiotherapy Maidangarhi, we use "Integrated Physio Care" approach covering Treatments for a wide range of health Conditions & Symptoms


CB Physiotherapist charges

At CB Physiotherapy, Maidangarhi, we have transparent prices for our expert sessions at all clinics. Check Prices before booking Appointments

Service - Visit Price
home-care-physiotherapy 1000.00
chiropractor-treatment 2500.00


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Our Patient centric approach to Physiotherapy services is duly validated by reviews from patients across clinic care / home care / digital rehab settings

Rishav Jaiswal

I had a great experience here, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who completely wants to get relieved of their body pain. Thank you so much for the support.

Daksh Gupta

I have been suffering from heel inflammation since six months ago. but Dr. Anjali has given me fine treatment. Now I am feeling better. I am really grateful to Dr. Anjali for her wonderful treatment.

Palavi gosh

I was having a cervical issue. I tried a lot of other options but got no relief. Finally, one day, I saw on Facebook about CB physiotherapy. I gave them a call and got the treatment. Now I am absolutely alright...

Anil jatt

I've had lower back pain for a year. I took only 6-7 sessions from Dr. Anjali here, and my long-term back pain was relieved. Very cooperative staff, great atmosphere, and cleanliness. recommended for all.


Five stars for the treatment, Dr.Anjali. It was good treatment. I recommend her for anyone who needs physiotherapy treatment.


Some frequently asked questions regarding physiotherapy / chiropractor services. For more FAQ's Click here

Other than checking for Physiotherapist's education/qualification make sure that he/she has relevant experience in treating similar issues with patients. Also, nearby Physiotherapist's should be preferred as treatment is usually long term and daily commute from Maidangarhi plays a role in adherence to the treatment plan

Physiotherapy treatment is best provided in clinics. and should be taken at home only if mobility is an issue. In certain cases where you think that continuity of treatment will be otherwise affected you can also opt for home care therapy. But we recommend finding our nearest clinic in Maidangarhi to seek sessions for Physiotherapist.

We provide home service across the Maidangarhi. But to check the availability of our Expert doctors in Maidangarhi please contact us over call / WhatsApp.

We have very transparent pricing for our clinic as well as home visit service. Also, for longer treatments requiring 10 or more sessions, you can look at our packages for discounted charges. Check our pricing before booking an appointment for Physiotherapist in Maidangarhi

Physiotherapist can be used for many ortho/neuro conditions. Also, there are many modalities that may be beneficial to different degrees for different conditions. Also before deciding on Physiotherapist need to make sure about certain contraindications. You can check our conditions page to know what specialty of physiotherapy will be most beneficial for you. The best is to discuss your case with our expert and get the most beneficial treatment plan with the best possible outcome for your condition