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Anjana kashap – May 06, 2023

I was impressed with the services given by Dr. Purushottam. It's so convenient that you receive service at your doorstep. Every session was great, and I feel the difference.

Payal – Apr 09, 2023

Excellent service thanks Dr sharma for you guidance

Rajnish Talwar – Mar 27, 2023

I really appreciated the convenience of having the physiotherapist come to my home. It made the process so much easier and less stressful. Dr. Purushotam was always punctual and respectful of my time, which was greatly appreciated. Overall, I would highly recommend this physiotherapy home service for anyone dealing with a neck issue.

somesh paul – Mar 27, 2023

Great experience. The exercises and stretches that were recommended were extremely effective and I saw improvement in my shoulder after just a few sessions. The therapist also provided me with great advice on how to manage my pain at home and prevent further injury. Thank you.

Akshay nair – Mar 27, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of using a physiotherapy home service to help with my knee issue and I am delighted to say that the experience was fantastic. Overall, I would highly recommend this physiotherapy home service for anyone dealing with a knee issue.

Vijay das. – Mar 27, 2023

I recently received physiotherapy treatments for cervical pain and I am thrilled with the results. I appreciated the thoroughness of assessment and the range of techniques he used to help alleviate my pain, such as massage, stretching, and exercises. Thanks Dr. sharma for your expertise and guidance.

J s bhatia – Mar 24, 2023

Excellent service n got relief in 3-4 days,highly recommended

Sushant – Mar 18, 2023

Thank you doctor sharma ji for giving me the best treatment to recover from leg injury in roadside accident.

Sunita Sharma – Mar 18, 2023

experts in physiotherapy. good treatment and exercise for their patients .साल 2021 में मैं कोरोना से लड़ाई के बाद अस्पताल लौटा थी । मैं अपने शरीर को हिलाने-डुलाने में पूरी तरह से असमर्थ थी लेकिन डॉक्टर शर्मा के इलाज से मैं सामान्य जीवन में लौट आई हूं। With regards and thanks to Doctor Sharma

Usha mehta – Mar 17, 2023

Dr. Purushotam sharma is very gentle and very professional. After my first session with him. I already noticed a difference. Highly recommend!"