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dhruval patil – Mar 04, 2024

It was great experience. I went for my back pain, dr. Palak Gupta treated me. Now I am feeling very well.

Shubhangi Shete – Mar 04, 2024

It was greatest experience with Dr.Palak Gupta. I went for treatment of neck pain. Dr.Palak Gupta treated me very well,and now my pain was like gone. I don't have any neck pain now. Must visit here..

Salman Qadri – Feb 07, 2024

I can't thank CB Physiotherapy Clinic enough for the relief they've provided me. The therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, and they make the effort to understand the root cause of your discomfort. The results speak for themselves - my mobility has improved significantly since starting treatment here.

Umer hashmi – Dec 25, 2023

I had lower back pain all the time when I ran. The manual therapy and focused exercises offered by the CB Physiotherapy Clinic Gk, were exceptional. With the skills of his team and a targeted approach, they helped me not only heal from my pain but also avoid further flare-ups. I'm pain-free and back on the trails because of CB Physio.

Abhishek Bindlish – Dec 14, 2023

I had an outstanding experience at CB Physiotherapy! The staff is not only highly skilled but also incredibly friendly and welcoming. The personalized care I received was top-notch, and the state-of-the-art facilities added to the overall positive atmosphere. The physiotherapists took the time to understand my concerns and crafted a tailored treatment plan that made a significant difference. I highly recommend CB Physiotherapy for anyone seeking excellent physiotherapy services. A five-star experience all around! 🌟

Adittya Dhingra – Dec 14, 2023

Had a lingering back pain and visited many Physiotherapists without any relief but thanks to Dr Palak and Dr Iqra I received a lot of relief at cb physio clinic.

Vineet bansal – Dec 12, 2023

I was in post-surgery recovery, and I went to CB Physiotherapy Greater Kailash was awesome after my surgery. They showed me exercises that made me stronger and helped me move better, turning my recovery into a positive experience.

Vishal kumar – Dec 12, 2023

CB Physiotherapy in Greater Kailash made dealing with my joint pain easier. They showed me exercises and gave me tips on how to make my joints feel better every day.

Ananya Virmani – Dec 05, 2023

Dr Shahla is the sweetest physiotherapist ever, she helped me recover from a torn muscle and regain mobility very quickly with the exercises she made me do. She always ensured that I felt no pain while doing the exercises and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the process.

Mrinal Gupta Virmani – Dec 05, 2023

Dr Shahla is a very diligent and thorough professional. Both me and my daughter benefitted immensely from her physiotherapy sessions. She helped my daughter recover from a muscle tear and me from upper cross syndrome. Thank you so much.