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Exercises can indeed help in managing tremors. Tremors, which are involuntary shaking movements, can be caused by various factors, including neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and multiple sclerosis, as well as stress, anxiety, and certain medications.

While there is no cure for tremors, certain exercises can help reduce their severity and improve motor control. For example, physical therapy and targeted exercises can help improve muscle strength and coordination, which can help reduce tremors. Additionally, activities such as yoga, tai chi, and Pilates can help reduce stress and improve balance, which can also help manage tremors.

1.Biceps Curl

Start in a seated position.
Grasp the weight in one hand with the palm facing forwards and hold your arm straight down by your side.
Keeping your elbow to your side, bend your arm, bringing the weight towards your shoulder.
Control the movement as you lower the weight back down, and repeat.

2.Wrist Flexion Strengthening

Sit next to a table with your forearm supported on the table.
Hold a weight in your hand with the palm facing up and the hand and wrist hanging over the edge of the table.
Let your hand drop down.
Then bend the wrist up into a fully flexed position.
Control the movement as you lower your hand back down.
Keep your forearm on the table at all times.

3.Wrist Extension Strengthening

Start in a seated position.
Grasp a weight in your hand with the palm facing down and rest that elbow on a table or your knee.
Start in a neutral position then lift the wrist up.
Control the movement as you lower the hand back down to the neutral position.
It is important to keep your forearm in contact with the supportive surface at all times.

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