Top 5 Exercises For Burns



Exercise may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about managing burns, but it can play a role in the healing process.

1.Deep Breathing Exercise

Start in a comfortable seated position with minimal distractions around you.
Step 1 - deep inhale through your nose
Step 2 - hold your breath for 2 seconds
Step 3 - long exhale through your mouth
Focus on your breath.
It is natural for your mind to wander, so when it does you need only come back to your breath.
Pay particular attention to the long slow breath out.
As you become more comfortable with this practice, start to imagine the breath as it flows in and out of your lungs.

2.Elevated Ankle Pumps

Lie with your leg well supported and your foot above your hip.

Alternately bend and straighten your ankles.

3.Bed Positioning

Lying on the back. Position pillows under the knees for support and an additional pillow under the calves close to the ankle. The heels of both feet should be hovering above the bed surface to prevent soreness.

4.Elbow Flexion Series AROM

Sit or stand for this exercise.
Rest your arms down by your sides with your palms facing forwards.
Bend your elbows, bringing your hands towards your shoulders throughout the full range of motion.
Control the movement as you steadily return your hands to the start position.
Next, turn your palms inwards to face towards your thighs, and repeat.
Finally, turn your palms to face behind you, and repeat.
Control the movement as you lower your arms back down to your sides.
Pause, and then repeat this sequence.

5.Wrist/fingers AROM Series

Sit upright so that you feel well balanced, with your arms relaxed and elbows bent to 90 degrees at your side.

Start by making big circles with your wrists in one direction, and then the other, do not move your arms too much.

Rotate your wrists inwards for the required duration and then change directions rotating the wrists outwards, still making big, slow, circular movements, this should be done 10 times on each side.

After completing the circles we will move onto a finger flexing exercise.

Exercises Help But Always Better To Consult A Doctor / Physiotherapist Before Starting Exercise Pogram.

By incorporating these exercises into your daily routine, along with maintaining good posture and being mindful of your movements, you can help alleviate pain and improve your overall condition. Remember to always consult with a physiotherapist before starting any new exercise regimen, particularly if you have a specific injury or condition.

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