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We offer physiotherapy treatments across Neuro/ Ortho/ Chiro/ Pediatrics/ Geriatrics/ Sports related issues covering a wide range of conditions & symptoms.


At CB Physiotherapy we use "Integrated Physio Care" approach, providing a combination of therapies for comprehensive healing. Only approved modalities are used.


Billing that supports any insurance reimbursements with option to pay online or by cash

    • Home Care

      • General Therapy : Rs. 700 / Session
      • Advanced Therapy : Rs. 1000 / Session
      • Specialized Therapy : Rs. 1500/ Session
    • Extended Sessions

      • Extended General Therapy : + Rs 300 / Modality
      • Extended Advanced Therapy : + Rs. 500 / Modality
      • Extended Specialized Therapy : + Rs. 700 / Modality

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Some frequently asked questions regarding physiotherapy / chiropractor services. For more FAQ’s Click here

In Bangalore , CB Physiotherapy has clinics in many locations like Jayanagar, Sarjapura, Whitefield, Indiranagar, JP Nagar, gottiger, Kanakapura road etc.All our physiotherapy clinics are listed on our webpage. You can also enter your location in our website and find CB Physiotherapy Clinic nearest to you. 

We have a very transparent pricingfor physiotherapy session at our clinics. Basic Physiotherapy costs are around 500-600 pers session. But for Advanced treatments charges are usually higher 1000 - 2000 rs. Also, for longer treatments requiring 10 or more sessions, you can look at our packages for discounted prices

Many a times an ortho / neuro doctor can prescribe physiotherapy sessions for your healt problem. but that doesnt mean it is necessary. For most of the problems related to back , neck , shoulder , knees and other othro / neuro related issues , you can directly seek a treatment for a physio.

You can reach us via whatsapp with your query or you can also directly call us to book an appointment. Before appointment , you can also consult our physio to discuss your case. If the case is discussed beforehand, we are able to match you with the best physiotherapy expert for your condition